A Missing Stanza from Natsagdorj’s Poem, ‘My Native Land’

By W. Juna. There has been a lot of recent discussion over the Chinese government’s new ‘bilingual’ education policy in Inner Mongolia. This new policy has  reduced Mongolian language instruction in favour of instruction in Chinese (Also see a post by Prof. Christopher Atwood). From September 2020, first year Mongolian school children are now required to learnContinue reading “A Missing Stanza from Natsagdorj’s Poem, ‘My Native Land’”

The Changing Face of Mongolia

The Changing Face of Mongolia: Maintaining cultural traditions in a globalized world By Joseph Fernandez Figure 1. Naran Tuul Market Entrance.   Over half the population of Mongolia was born after 1991, meaning the median age is just 28-years-old. This young demographic plays an important role in shaping the culture and identity of Mongolia butContinue reading “The Changing Face of Mongolia”