Chahar Costume from Central Inner Mongolia

Written by Ehshig, Visiting Fellow to the Mongolia Institute (2019-2020). Traditional Mongolian costume is very rich both in design and colour. Different regions have their own local designs and characters. While the Halha, Üjümchin, Harchin and Barga dresses have elaborate decoration and ornaments, the Sünid, Dörbed and Chahar costumes are simple in comparison. The regionalContinue reading “Chahar Costume from Central Inner Mongolia”

A Missing Stanza from Natsagdorj’s Poem, ‘My Native Land’

By W. Juna. There has been a lot of recent discussion over the Chinese government’s new ‘bilingual’ education policy in Inner Mongolia. This new policy has  reduced Mongolian language instruction in favour of instruction in Chinese (Also see a post by Prof. Christopher Atwood). From September 2020, first year Mongolian school children are now required to learnContinue reading “A Missing Stanza from Natsagdorj’s Poem, ‘My Native Land’”

Hanggai: Galloping Across the Mongolian Steppe Between Different Worlds of Music

By Dr Gesar (Gaz) Temur Gesar finished his Doctor of Philosophy from the ANU in 2015. He continues as a Visiting Fellow at the ANU Mongolia Institute. Hanggai is a music band from Inner Mongolia, China. The band made their name by playing and singing traditional Mongolian songs with a modern twist. Hanggai’s fame extendsContinue reading “Hanggai: Galloping Across the Mongolian Steppe Between Different Worlds of Music”

The Changing Face of Mongolia

The Changing Face of Mongolia: Maintaining cultural traditions in a globalized world By Joseph Fernandez Figure 1. Naran Tuul Market Entrance.   Over half the population of Mongolia was born after 1991, meaning the median age is just 28-years-old. This young demographic plays an important role in shaping the culture and identity of Mongolia butContinue reading “The Changing Face of Mongolia”

Mongolia’s Measures against COVID-19

  Artist: Ts Orgil. Mongolia’s Measures against COVID-19 Itgel Chuluunbaatar & Li Narangoa With the outbreak of COVID-19, as a country Mongolia was expected to have a high number of cases given its proximity with China and a vulnerable health care system. Despite all the odds, the Mongolian government has managed the COVID-19 well withContinue reading “Mongolia’s Measures against COVID-19”

The Secret History of Star Wars

This is a blog post was written as part of the ANU’s ‘Modern Mongolia’ field course held in Mongolia in July 2019. The Secret History of Star Wars: Padmé Amidala – Queen, Senator or Mongolian princess? By Georgie Juszczyk Note: This blog also contains spoilers for the star wars movie franchise. The Star Wars franchiseContinue reading “The Secret History of Star Wars”

Four Minutes that Changed a Nation

This is a blog post was written as part of the ANU’s ‘Modern Mongolia’ field course held in Mongolia in July 2019. Mongolian wrestling relates to judo and sumo as sports. Image credit: Linh Vien Thai, 2003.  CC BY-ND 2.0. By Maxim Wiggins, ANU. It’s the 29th of June 2008, the year of a MongolianContinue reading “Four Minutes that Changed a Nation”

Cultural Heritage on the Mongolian Plateau

The festive spirit of the season was interspersed with a touch of Mongolian festivity recently. A photography exhibition was curated by staff from ANU’s Mongolia Institute, in conjunction with a bi-annual Mongolia Update. The exhibition opening and the Mongolia Update was held on two consecutive days, with international delegates from Mongolia and Inner Mongolia attendingContinue reading “Cultural Heritage on the Mongolian Plateau”

ANU Students in Mongolia 2018. Post No. 4 ‘Echoes of Civilisations’

Echoes of Civilisations: Representing Mongolia’s Cultural History By Ruben Seaton Photo: Ruben Seaton. Temples at Erdene Zuu. The open fields surrounding Kharkhorin (or Karakorum) have seen some remarkable moments in human civilization. Spending time at Erdene Zuu monastery and the site of the former capital of the Mongol Empire provided time to think about theContinue reading “ANU Students in Mongolia 2018. Post No. 4 ‘Echoes of Civilisations’”

ANU Students in Mongolia 2018, Post No. 3 ‘Eagle Hunting’

Eagle Hunting: Marketization of Traditional Practice By Lucy Xu Photo: Christopher Michel (CC BY 2.0). The 6000-year-old tradition of eagle hunting in the far west of Mongolia is a fascinating aspect of Mongolian culture that first drew me to the country. I did a little background reading on eagle hunting before coming to Mongolia onContinue reading “ANU Students in Mongolia 2018, Post No. 3 ‘Eagle Hunting’”