Mongolia’s Measures against COVID-19

  Artist: Ts Orgil. Mongolia’s Measures against COVID-19 Itgel Chuluunbaatar & Li Narangoa With the outbreak of COVID-19, as a country Mongolia was expected to have a high number of cases given its proximity with China and a vulnerable health care system. Despite all the odds, the Mongolian government has managed the COVID-19 well withContinue reading “Mongolia’s Measures against COVID-19”

Revisiting the International ‘One Health’ Workshop

International workshop ‘One Health: health and wellbeing on the grassland steppes of Mongolia’ (2016) We are re-visiting a workshop that the ANU Mongolia Institute held in 2016. Here is some video material from discussions held with Prof. Tserentsodnom, Divaasambuu Lama and Dr Munkhsumber after the ‘One Health’ workshop held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Discussion initiated byContinue reading “Revisiting the International ‘One Health’ Workshop”

Are There Human Health Risks in Groundwater in Inner Mongolia?

Groundwater is an essential freshwater resource for many people in dry, remote, and sparsely populated regions. In the summer of 2015 and 2016 we observed the water quality of groundwater within an environmental science study and carried out questionnaires and spoken surveys about their lifestyle within an anthropological study in Inner Mongolia. The survey wasContinue reading “Are There Human Health Risks in Groundwater in Inner Mongolia?”